The GameDay Girl & Terrell Owens

Hey Game Day Girl Fans!

About a month ago I had the opportunity to ask former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Terrell Owens a few questions during his interview with the HuffPost Live. Owens who is notoriously known for his on and off the field behavior talks about his life and personality outside of the NFL and his experience on NBC’s The Apprentice. He also responds to questions on NFL policies, NFL current news and another outspoken NFL player, Richard Sherman.

To watch full interview click on the link below. To see what questions I had for TO go 21:30 into the video!

Terrell Owens Interview: Click Here

Who to Know SBXLIX: Coaches Edition

There are only FOUR more days until Super Bowl Sunday and as I promised here is more on everything you need to know to be prepared for #GameDay! I am excited about this post because I learned some new things as well. When it comes to these two teams, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, I’m sure there are a few individuals that come to mind. If you have been paying attention to the media at all over the last two weeks I’m sure you’ve heard the name Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Marshawn Lynch, but who else and what match ups has the media missed while they have been busy covering all the “drama”. Never fear GameDay Girl is here to break it down for you! This is the begging of my list of key players from each team with a short description of why they are important (pictures included). Enjoy! 🙂  Continue reading “Who to Know SBXLIX: Coaches Edition”

Everything Super Bowl Sunday

What’s the Hype?

The Super Bowl is much more than just a football game. It has become one of the most annually watched television programs in history. Whether you are a die-hard, causal, or not a fan of football at all, most likely you will be participating in some type of Super Bowl Sunday gathering or activities come February 1st.

Personally I just became more interested in the NFL but I can remember almost every Super Bowl Sunday dating back to when I was in grade school. Back then I looked forward to Super Bowl Sunday because I knew my family would be going to a Super Bowl party where I would get to see my friends and of course eat plenty of amazing #gameday food. As I got older (and advertising became more advanced) my main focus during the super bowl was on the outrageous commercials. Watching all the commercials was important because it was all people talked about the next day in school. Some teachers even made it part of their curriculum to watch and analyze them. But now as a NFL fan the Super Bowl means more to me than ever before.

As the countdown to Super Bowl 49 begins, your Game Day Girl is here to help you break it down and understand what the hype is all about!

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Chip Kelly vs. My Game Day Chip

Earlier this month it was announced that Chip Kelly, former head coach at Oregon and current Philadelphia Eagles head coach, will star in 10 Tostitos ‘Official Chip of the NFL’ ads.

With Chip being my favorite football coach of all time and Tostitos as my go-to game day snack, I am extremely excited and entertained by this new endorsement.

Check out all 10 videos here!

Tostitos The Official Game Day Chip

Dating back to the 2002 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Tostitos have been an essential part of my game day experience.

In the 31st edition of the Fiesta Bowl, my cousin, Joey Harrington, led the Oregon Ducks to a 38-16 victory of the Colorado Buffaloes. My cousins and I–who were cheering on our cousin with the rest  of the Harrington Clan– attributed each touchdown scored by Oregon us eating a Tostitos chip before each scoring play.

To continue on with this tradition, tonight for the Inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship game I will be enjoying Tostitos chips and homemade guacamole while watching Marcus Mariota and the Oregon Ducks make college football history. (Find the recipe link below)

In the comments section tell me where and how you will be enjoying the game tonight!